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Annual Report 2017







A Timeline of Anglo-Portuguese relations, Paulo Lowndes Marques (illustration Queen Maria I)

A Short History of Elvas and its Fortification, Nick Hallidie

Elvas and the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance, Pedro de Avillez

Oporto British families dating from the 12th Century, Richard Symington

Further research on the name ‘Lancaster’, Malcolm Howe

British Consuls in Lisbon in the 17thCentury (1583-1689), M.S. Jayne

Notes regarding the British Consuls in Lisbon of the 17th Century, Virginia Rau

Concerning Gerard de Visme of the British Factory, Lisbon, Meta E. Williams

Gerard de Visme, Founder of the British Hospital (1793), A. R. Walford

Gerard de Visme: 1755 and all that came afterwards, Gerald Luckhurst

A Madeiran Mosquito, Tom Macan

Aileen’s Childhood Memories – From Singapore to Ireland, Aileen Coates (Sister Aedris)

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