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Annual Report 1994




British and Portuguese Attitudes towards the British Ultimatum of 1890 by Maria Teresa Pinto Coelho

Frederick William Flower by Jane Flower

The British Factory and the Corn Trade in 18th Century Portugal by L.M.E. Shaw

George Borrow in Portugal by Ian Robertson

The British and Mozambique: Four centuries of contact by Richard Ellis

Marshal André Masséna and the Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo by Donald D. Horward

The Porto Covo Palace in Lisbon (photo) by Simon Wilson

Portugal Plundered: Consequences of the Convention of Cintra by Alice Berkeley

The Home International by Joan Lithgow Croft de Moura

The Hickling Connection continued by Carlos Guilherme Ivens Ferraz de Mesquita

The British Historical Society: A Look Back by D.C. d’Arcy Orders

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