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The importance of Bussaco cannot be overstressed as this was the first battle after Talavera over a year before and put Wellington in confrontation for the first time with Massena, Napoleon’s favourite general. Bussaco was also an opportunity to put the Beresford-trained Portuguese troops to the test.


We walk the ridge and visit Wellington’s Command Post, the Military Museum, Craufurd’s mill and Memorial. We also have the unique opportunity being able to see a Baker rifle in the small museum. We taste the local famous Bussaco wine at the Palace Hotel next to the monastery where Wellington slept the night before the battle.


We can also take you north to follow Massena's Retreat of March, 1811, stopping off at the sites of the rear guard actions at Pombal, Redinha, Foz de Arouce and Sabugal, which takes us close to Almeida.

The Convent and Palácio Hotel

Craufurd's Rocks at Sula

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