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H. Hallam Hipwell



HA 4







Subject Matter:


Peninsular War



Extracts from the Letter-Book of a Lisbon Banker


In the Historical Association's Third Annual Report the article dealing with "Lisbon on the Eve of Invasion" closed with a lengthy quotation from a letter of Henry Gallwey dated 10th October 1807 and addressed to Paris.


It was feelingly illustrative of the position of the British colony in Lisbon on the eve of Junot's arrival and, one may observe parenthetically, has an almost direct interest in these present times when armed invasion of peace-loving neutral states has become a tactical weapon in the heads of a ruthless aggressor.


However,  good times and bad times and all times pass over. As the Portuguese proverb runs, boa guerra faz boa paz, and only ten years after Henry Gallwey's letter was penned, his nephew, Michael David Gallwey, was touring Europe, enlarging his mind and pulling things together for the family firm. I use the word "firm" somewhat loosely. For among the mass of Gallwey-Mordaunt-Power papers now in the keeping of the Historical Association I have not yet come across anything in the nature of a formal deed of partnership.


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