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Mrs E. Rosenthal



HA 1







Subject Matter:


Catherine of Braganza



"In the National Archives (Tôrre do Tombo) there are about thirty documents relating to the marriage of Catherine of Bragança and Charles II of England. Little appears to be known of these documents, probably because they are only listed in the Index to the Manuscripts of S. Vicente. Several refer to the doubling of taxes in order to pay the cash portion of Catherine's dowry which was specified as two million cruzados, or about £500,000 of modern currency.


There are also instructions to Francisco de Mello, Conde da Ponte, the intermediary who acted for the Queen Regent of Portugal, widow of John IV, and concluded the marriage arrangements in England. The orders of Alphonso VI  to the Governor of Tangier to deliver this city to the British, in accordance with the conditions laid down respecting the dowry, are in this collection; also Alphonso's authority to D. Duarte da Silva to deliver the dowry in England.


There is a further authorisation from D. Pedro (when he was Regent) about certain consignments to be employed towards paying off the balance of the dowry."


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