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JANUARY 28, 2019

Launch of the quarterly Newsletter

Winter edition


JANUARY 20, 2019

Guided visit to the Campo dos Mártires da Pátria (Colina Santana)

Recently the Culture Department of the Camâra Municipal de Lisboa organised a most interesting guided tour of an area in Lisbon known to many as the “

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FEBRUARY 16, 2019

Exhibition of “The Royal Family and the Fábrica de Loiça de Sacavém" in Cascais

Visit to the ceramic exhibition of “The Royal Family and the Fábrica de Loiça de Sacavém", followed by lunch at the Centro Cultural de Cascais


JANUARY 19, 2019

Report of the Annual Lunch and talk on 'Byron in Portugal in 1809'

The Annual Lunch preceded by a talk by Gerald Luckhurst

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A short History of Fábrica de Loiça de Sacavém (1856 - 1994)

Author: Clive Gilbert


Page: 43

Year: 2011

Subject Matter: Lisbon and OPorto Factory Houses, British Merchants and Ec. Relations


Alfred Tennyson in Portugal

Author: Octávio dos Santos


Page: 133

Year: 2009

Subject Matter: Literature and Art

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Except … (St. Paul’s Church, Estoril)

Author: John Humphreys


€5,00 each

History of the Lisbon Chaplaincy

Author: J. Hampton


Did you know?

That the wording of the Treaty of 1373 between England and Portugal runs as follows:

In the first place we settle and covenant that there shall be from this day forward … true, faithful, constant, mutual and perpetual friendships, unions, alliances and needs of sincere affection and that as true and faithful friends we shall henceforth, reciprocally, be friends to friends and enemies to enemies, and shall assist, maintain and uphold each other mutually, by sea and by land, against all men that may live or die.

This Alliance has lasted now for over 600 years and is without parallel in world history.

Every Quarter the BHSP Newsletter will share a fact of historic or cultural interest related to Britain or Portugal. If you know of any such a fact or facts related to Anglo Portuguese relations, please send the information in good time to the BHSP Librarian at

Appeal to families

When sorting through your attics and/or cupboards, you might across letters or diaries or articles or postcards or stamps that you think would be of interest to the BHSP and its Members. Please contact our Librarian to discuss the matter further. All objects handed over to the BHSP Library will be logged either for further reference by researchers, for recovery at a later date or to be listed as a permanent donation (with the relevant documents) to the BHSP.


What is this mystery object?

Every Quarter in the BHSP Newsletter you will be shown a mystery object. Please feel free to write in to the BHSP Librarian at to tell us more about the mystery object in question. The answer to the quiz and relevant details will be sent out the following Quarter.

50 Years Ago

To kick start this “Winter” edition, we invite subscribers and members to go back in time – whether they might have been in the United Kingdom or in Portugal or even elsewhere in the world then – and to think back : 50 YEARS AGO – HALF A CENTURY – and yet, for most of us, YESTERYEAR in many ways.

Key World Events in and around 1969:

- Man first walked on the Moon.

- US forces withdrawn from Vietnam.

- Edward Heath returned the Conservatives to power in Great Britain.

- The 50 pence coin was introduced.

- The Derry Riots in Northern Ireland left over 100 people injured.

- Portugal at the time had a population of 9 million.

- Portugal was a dictatorship with a single party. Marcelo Caetano was the Prime Minister.

Every Quarter you will find in your BHSP Newsletter a selection of key events that happened 50 years ago or more. If you know of upcoming events related to Anglo Portuguese relations please send the information in good time to the BHSP Librarian at

Members' News

The Council regrets to announce the death at the end of 2018 of Colin Craig, who had been a Member since 2005 and extends the Society's condolences to his immediate family.

We would be delighted to hear about items of news from members, however insignificant it may be. Of especial interest is news about books or articles that have been published by Members, or visits to historical sites or exhibitions of interest.



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