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It would be a rare historian of the mid-17th century who did not consult the diaries of Samuel Pepys. To write about Victorian England without having read Dickens would be almost unheard of. However, a quick search through our past articles indicates that, with the exception of one article on Camões in India, we seem to have ignored Portuguese writers and what we can learn from them.


As a first step towards redressing this omission, this Newsletter presents two articles on Eça de Queiroz, arguably Portugal's best 19th century novelist. The first looks at Eça’s reaction to the 1890 British Ultimatum to Portugal and the sound advice he provided to his compatriots. The second explores Eça’s feelings about Portugal’s development, with reference to his experiences in Paris and his final novel, The City and the Mountains, set partly in Paris and partly in Portugal.


The Annual Lunch on January 11 was a great success. The food and facilities provided by the Hotel Riviera were good and the two presentations were exceptional. We have reports on the talks by Dr. Maria João Albuquerque on Erdmann Neuparth. Music in war. The Peninsular War in music and the history of a military musician, and by General Rui Moura on the The life of General Pamplona.


We have news about an excellent new publication on the Liberal Revolution and some interesting RTP programmes you may have missed but which are still available online. The Newsletter also provides information about our future events. For the trip to Mértola in May, please book early to avoid disappointment. Space in the coach is limited.

Edward Godfrey

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JANUARY 13, 2020

New publication on The Liberal Revolution of 1820 (A revolução Liberal de 1820)

Published by CTT – Clube do Colectionador dos Correos


JANUARY 13, 2020

Historical programmes on RTP

Information on TV programmes of potential interest to members

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MAY 1, 2020

Weekend trip to Mértola, the Minas de São Domingos and Beja ... NEW DATE, subject to likely restrictions

Including a visit to the Cathedral in Beja


JANUARY 12, 2020

Report on the Annual Lunch with two talks

Annnual Lunch 2020

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Eça de Queiroz and the "British Ultimatum"

Author: Andrew Shepherd


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Year: 2020

Subject Matter: NA


The French influence on Eça de Queiroz’ views of late-19th century Portugal: The novel A Cidade e as Serras (The City and the Mountains)

Author: N.L. Taylor


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Year: 2020

Subject Matter: NA


Did you know?

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth's Coronation was celebrated with big festivities in the grounds of St Julian's School at Quinta Nova on May 30 and 31 in 1953? 

A number of black and white photographs from the event were donated to the BHS. 

Do you recognize anybody in this photo? Do you have any stories to contribute about the event or any memorabilia you would like to share with fellow BHS members? 

Every Quarter the BHSP Newsletter will share a fact of historic or cultural interest related to Britain or Portugal. If you know of any such a fact or facts related to Anglo Portuguese relations, please send the information in good time to the BHSP Librarian at

Appeal to families

If you have a good photograph of Joan Croft de Moura or Canon John Humphreys, we would like to have a scanned copy to help to illustrate articles on the website.

Please send them to Andrew Shepherd at

When sorting through your attics and/or cupboards, you might across letters or diaries or articles or postcards or stamps that you think would be of interest to the BHSP and its Members. Please contact our Librarian to discuss the matter further on All objects handed over to the BHSP Library will be logged either for further reference by researchers, for recovery at a later date or to be listed as a permanent donation (with the relevant documents) to the BHSP.



Eça de Queiroz worked as a Portuguese consul in four cities, two of which were in England. One, as discussed in this Newsletter's article, was Paris. Can you name the other three?

The answer is at the bottom of the Members' News section.

50 Years Ago

The following are extracts from items which appeared in editions of the Anglo-Portuguese News in the first quarter of 1970.


10 January 1970

Film Notes: The new James Bond, George Lazenby, in “ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE” will have special interest for most of our readers as some scenes were shot in the vicinity of Lisbon. Quite a few of our ladies appeared as extras and although they are still waiting for the call of to stardom, the fun of searching for themselves on the screen will be more than enough.

Note: The BHSP is fortunate in having one of the ladies as a current member.

Prospects: The President of the Republic. H.E Rear-Admiral Américo Tomaz was in sombre mood when he broadcast his customary address to the Nation on New Year’s Day. He did not actually say: “Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?” but that was the substance of the introductory part of his talk. Sorrowfully he reviewed the international position which, contrary to expectation, had not changed for the better. The revolt of youth puzzled and disturbed him.

24 January 1970

Letters to the Editor includes a letter entitled “Counting Sheep” signed by J Snoresby of Estoril.

Note: Unfortunately, insomniacs are unlikely to benefit from any advice as the letter refers to the old style of counting sheep in Cumbria.

Notes and Notices –Our main feature is “Giants at Margueira” based on a Press visit to the Lisnave Shipyard South. Formerly the South Bank had an unhappy, insanitary look. Cacilhas and Almada were overgrown, tumbledown villages. Today, Almada, at least, is a prosperous “dormitory town” and if the Bridge dues were lower the whole of the Outra Banda would become “urbanised” with possibly even beaches and swimming pools.

Lisnave’s 3000 workers (North and South Yards) are not only better paid than most factory operatives in this country but their welfare, their health and their education are carefully looked after by the Company. They live under what might be described as a private form of Socialism, where the live issue of profits keeps the organisers on their toes. We are told that in the Sociology classes in Lisnave’s special school, workers are told all the benefits they are entitled to.

7 March 1970

Notes and Notices – Chamber of Commerce – 2nd Centenary of Marinha Glass Factory. Some 80 members and their guests attended a British Portuguese Chamber luncheon organized at the Royal British Club, Lisbon, on 12th February to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Stephens Brothers Glass Factory at Marinha Grande which is now known as the Fábrica-Escola de Irmãos Stephens.

Every Quarter you will find in your BHSP Newsletter a selection of key events that happened 50 years ago or more. If you know of upcoming events related to Anglo Portuguese relations please send the information in good time to the BHSP Librarian at

Members' News

Don't forget the talk on "THE WANDERING PRINCESS"

The life of the sister of D. Amélia by the  the author of the biography of the same name, The Rev. Ed Hanson.

Venue: At the meeting room of ALA, Avenida Castelhana No. 13, Monte Estoril. 18.00 for 18.30 Thursday 13 February


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Answer to the Quiz: Havana, Newcastle and Bristol in that order. He moved to Paris after Bristol.


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