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It is a great pleasure for me to introduce the Autumn Newsletter of the British Historical Association of Portugal. We intend to make the Newsletter a regular quarterly feature aimed at not just our members but others who are interested in aspects of Anglo Portuguese history.


The theme of this newsletter is Evoramonte and the civil war which took place in Portugal between 1828 and 1834, often referred to as the “War of the Two Brothers”, namely D. Pedro and D. Miguel, who led the Liberal (Constitutionalist) and Absolutist causes respectively. On a beautiful weekend in late October several members of the Society visited the castle and small village of Evoramonte, set on a hilltop with extensive views in the Alentejo. In the village we saw the modest house, once that of the mayor, where the peace treaty known as “The Concession of Evoramonte” was signed on 26 May 1834.


As we enter the festive season, I should like to wish all our members and readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Edward Godfrey

Chairman of the British Historical Society of Portugal


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NOVEMBER 17, 2019

The Concession of ╔vora Monte, by Ron Thomson

New book by BHSP Member, Professor Ron B. Thomson.


NOVEMBER 17, 2019

Short Articles on the Civil War in Portugal of 1828-34

Articles by Prof. Ron Thomson

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JANUARY 11, 2020

Annual Lunch - 2020

At the Hotel Riviera, Carcavelos


OCTOBER 26, 2019

Report on the weekend visit to the Alentejo

A guided visit to Evoramonte, Estremoz, and Vila Višosa

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The Failure of Portuguese Liberalism in the 19th century

Author: Ron B. Thomson


Page: 2014

Year: 2014

Subject Matter: The Portuguese Civil War of 1826-1834


The marriage of Dom Miguel I to Princess Adelaide

Author: Malcolm Howe, GCMW


Page: 103

Year: 2015

Subject Matter: Diplomatic and General History


Did you know?

Did you know that D. Miguel lived in exile in Marylebone, London, for four-and-a-half years from February 1847 to September 1851?

Appeal to families

Do you come from an Anglo-Portuguese family with several generations of history in the country?

When sorting through your attics and/or cupboards, you might come across letters or diaries or articles or postcards or stamps that you think would be of interest to the BHSP and its Members. Please contact our Librarian to discuss the matter further on All objects handed over to the BHSP Library will be logged either for further reference by researchers for return at a later date or will be listed as a permanent donation (with the relevant documents) to the BHSP.


Which two Portuguese colonies did Britain threaten to take over in 1839? 

(You'll find the answer at the bottom of the Members' News section)

(The answer to the Quiz question in the last Newsletter was the 1965 Commemorative Crown produced during the year of Winston Churchill’s death)

50 Years Ago

Celebrating past events.

Every issue you will find in your BHSP Newsletter a selection of events that happened 50 years ago or so. If you know of upcoming anniversaries related to Anglo-Portuguese relations please send the information in good time to the BHSP Librarian at

The following items appeared in editions of the Anglo Portuguese News in the last quarter of 1969.

4 October 1969

Gulbenkian Foundation – Lisbon has a new Arts Centre now that the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation has moved into its splendid premises at Palhavã in the old Parque de Santa Gertrudes now renamed after the Testator.

15 November 1969

On Thursday, 6th November, a delegation from the Fábrica-Escola Irmãos Stephens visited the British Cemetery in Lisbon and a wreath was laid at the tomb of John James Stephens in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the founding of the factory in Marinha Grande.

13 December 1969

Christmas Shopping by Sabina: Down the Avenida da Liberdade at number 49-57 is the FABFICA DA LOIÇA DE SACAVÉM and what a lovely emporium it is. My advice to shoppers is to go into the small room called the mostruário where they have one of everything in stock. The well-known Portuguese cavalrymen and foot soldiers make excellent presents for a retired military gentleman of scholarly tastes.

27 December 1969

The Iron Duke. To mark the second century of the birth of the Duke of Wellington a special meeting was held at the British Institute, Lisbon, on December 16. Sir Anthony Lambert KCMG, H.B.M Ambassador to Portugal, was in the chair. Professor Jorge Borges de Macedo, Vice-Rector of the University of Lisbon, gave an address on “Wellington in Portugal”. He recalled how Sir Arthur Wellesley, as Army Commander-in-Chief, left his mark on contemporary Portugal. Although he did not always agree with the Portuguese, he could understand national demands and the keen sense of independence. Portugal, he said, suffered the French invasions not because she was the enemy of France, but because she was the friend of Britain, and in Wellington she found a political and military personality that could understand and respect her position.

Royal British Club. The New Year Celebrations, in conjunction with the St. Andrew’s Society, will consist of a Buffet Supper and Dance at Esc. 150$00 for a single ticket and Esc. 250$00 for a double ticket. Black tie. A first-class dance band has already been arranged. Champagne will be served at mid-night to welcome in the New Year.


Members' News

This is the section of the Newsletter for members to tell us about their activities related to BHSP interests. We would be delighted to hear  news from members, however insignificant they may appear. Of special interest is news about books or articles that have been published by members, or visits to historical sites or exhibitions of interest.

Queen D. Maria II, 1819-1857

Member Ninna Taylor carried out a fascinating interview with acclaimed author, Isabel Stilwell, regarding her book entitled “Maria II. The extraordinary friendship of Maria and Victoria, two queens in a world of men”, which has just been published in English. Read the full interview here. On the same theme, fellow member, Prof. Ron Thomson, kindly contributed an article on the reign of this enigmatic Queen, which can be read here.


The Lines of Torres Vedras

One of our new members, Andrew Shepherd, has recently made significant improvements to the coverage of the Lines of Torres Vedras on Wikipedia. There is a list of all the new articles about forts at:


Andrew would be grateful if you could make improvements to these articles, either directly on Wikipedia or by writing to him through


Answer to the Quiz 

Macau and Goa


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