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Annual Report 1999





Hunting in the Peninsular by Lionel Dawson

Where were you on VE Day? by Dorothy Butterworth  (Illustration VE Day Celebrations in Lisbon)

Ranald Macdonnell by Malcolm Howe

The Portuguese and British Navies by Kenneth H. Light

Port and the Symington Family by Richard Mayson

The Portuguese Titles of the Duke of Wellington by J.B. Dominick

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bevan by W. Colfer

Sherbert – a Ballad

A Chaplain in Wellington’s Army by Andrew Bull

Napoleon in Madeira by Duarte Ivo Cruz

Two British Memorials by Major Hallidie

Beresford, Marshal of Portugal by Lieut-Colonel F.O. Cetre

The Abolition of Hereditaries by Paulo Lowndes Marques

The Life of Francis Tregian by Fr. Francis Plunkett

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