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Rev- Joseph J. Crowley



HA 4







Subject Matter:


British Community and Family History



 There are a number of manuscripts of interest to English history in the Evora Library. We have had occasion to write of the coronation Codex (I), and we have found there a number of letters from Russell, the Bishop of Vizeu, from various agents in England, and much else. The muniment rooms of the Cathedral contain a wealth of manscripts, some of great antiquity, very well cared for, but wholly uncatalogued. One feels sure that investigation would be well repaid.

There is nothing extraordinary about Cod. CXVI/I-II and Cod. CXVI/I-I2, two references in the manuscript room of the Evora Library. But a notice in the «Catalogo dos Manuscriptos da Bibliotheca Publica Eborense» (2), gave promise of exceptional interest. Cod. CXVI/I-I2 is described as a "Diario da minha viagem para Philadelphia. Principiada a bordo da Corveta «William», Cap. Quandrill, aos 10 de Outubro de 1798". It is the Diary not only of the voyage, but also of the stay in Philadelphia of one Hypolito José da Costa Pereira, who was the attaché of Portugal there. It is continued until the 27th of December of 1799. It contains many observations made in that country. Cod. CXVI/I-I2  is "The Transcription and Register of the official letters of Hypolito José da Costa Pereira, while in Philadelphia as attaché of Portugal". It begins with a dispatch to the Minister Dom Rodrigo de Sousa Coutinho, dated the 22nd of December of 1798, and finishes with a like dispatch dated the 30th of August of 1800, and at the end has the following observation: = The memorandum which telles of the course and result of my commission, was dated the 24th of January of 1801, and I intend to offer it to His Excellency the Chancellor of the Exchequer, (o Ministro da Fazenda), together with the Translation of the History of the Bank of England, which he commanded of me, to-morrow, Thursday, the 5th of February». (An autograph). So Rivara in his «Catalogo» of 1850. His description invested those two references with more than ordinary interest. We found two small note-books, about eight inches long and six broad. The Diary is much more bulky than the Register. This more slender volume shows generally signs of hurry and carelessness, and was intended by Pereira as a personal record.


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