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Isabel Stilwell










Subject Matter:


Diplomatic and General History



Philippa of Lancaster

From a talk given in July, 2015 to mark the 600th anniversary of her death,

based on the author’s historical novel, “Philippa of Lancaster — English Princess, Queen of Portugal”.


By Isabel Stilwell

Remembering Philippa of Lancaster 600 hundred years after her death,
nearly to the day, is  a way of paying homage to a great queen
As the eldest daughter of John of Gaunt and Blanche of
she Was the granddaughter of the great Edward III. She
behind her much-loved England to marry the Portuguese King,
I, on the 11*“ of February, 1387, when the population of Porto
the streets to enthusiastically acclaim F ilipa de Lencastre as
Queen of Portugal. A woman of unwavering faith, known for
generosity and strong will, she was determined to change the
Court, which was so different from the one that she
grown up in. Philippa gave birth to her first child when she
28, and this marked the start of the lnclita Geraedol, which
one day set sail in search of new worlds, forever changing
destiny of Portugal, and, indeed, of the world. She died of
plague on the 18th of July, 1415, at the age of 55, and was
one of Portugal’s most important queens.

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