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Cunha Baixa

Fine examples of stone circles, tombs and dolmens ("antas") can be visited near the battlefield sites of the “Southern Corridor”.


The earliest stone-circle in Europe is at Almendres, near Évora and the passage-mound with the largest stones in Europe is nearby at Zambujeiro. The Menhir de Meada is the largest in the Iberian Peninsula, standing just over 7m high.


Not too far from Bussaco and the Northern Corridor we can visit the Anta de Cunha Baixa dolmen, close to Mangualde. The Prehistoric Rock-Art sites of the Côa Valley are considered to be the best open-air Paleolithic archaeological sites in the world.


They date from 22,000 to 10,000 years BC and are situated along the Portuguese-Spanish border, not far from the battlefield sites of the “Northern Corridor”.