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Father Daniel O’Daly (1595-1663), an Irish Dominican priest who was confessor to D. Luisa, Queen of Portugal (wife of D. João IV) founded (1634) Corpo Santo, which remained in Irish Dominican hands until 1982. In 1639 the convent for Irish Dominican nuns of Bom Sucesso in Belém was opened with his intervention and remained occupied by this Order until 2016. Known as Frei Domingos Rosário, O’Daly carried out considerable diplomatic activity, visiting various courts of continental Europe on behalf of the King. He also went to London and was received by Cromwell. He accompanied Catherine of Braganza on her journey to England to marry King Charles II. In 1662 he became Bishop of Coimbra. He died in 1663 and was buried in Corpo Santo (the old church, which fell with the great earthquake of 1755).


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Father Daniel O'Daly