Want a Tour with a Difference?

  • Planning to visit Portugal and want to add some culture to your holiday?
  • You’re in Lisbon for a few days and would like to visit battlefield sites, but the rest of your party doesn’t want to?
  • Have you ever held a Brown Bess musket in your own hands or stepped into a period 1810 billet?
  • Would you like to ride on horseback from Wellington’s Headquarters up to the Great Redoubt?

What We Do

We organise tailor-made tours for small groups of members to the major Peninsular War battlefield sites in Portugal and western Spain, particularly the Lines of Torres Vedras.

Our tours aren’t exclusively designed for the military enthusiast and include options to sample other aspects of Portugal’s rich culture.

In the case of the tailor-made tours, members are required to organise their own flights and travel insurance should they be travelling from overseas. The British Historical Society of Portugal possesses statutory insurance cover for the duration of the tour in Portugal.

Other Tour Options

As our guides are local and have years of experience of Portugal’s cultural heritage, we can offer a totally flexible approach that can include a variety of other tour options to cater for diverse cultural interests (click here). We can adapt the itinerary as the tour progresses to reflect individual preferences and can split the group if necessary.