The British Historical Society of Portugal is a Society with about 250 members and has as its object to recover, preserve and collate as much as possible of the history of the British in Portugal, and to promote interest in the History of Anglo-Portuguese relations.

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Events in Anglo-Portuguese Relations


Invasion of France by the Anglo-Portuguese army. Several important battles were won on the Pyrenees such as the battle of Soraven and the siege of San Sebastian.


D. Alvaro Vaz de Almada, Count d’Avranches, was appointed Knight of the Garter in 1445 to the vacancy of Sir John Cornwell. He is the only Portuguese non-royal to receive the Garter. The title of Count d’Avranches was given to him by King Henry IV (1445) for serving with distinction in the wars between England and France at the siege of Avranches in Normandy. The Almada family is reputed to descend from an English Crusader who settled in Portugal after the conquest of Lisbon in 1147.