The British Historical Society of Portugal is a Society with about 250 members and has as its object to recover, preserve and collate as much as possible of the history of the British in Portugal, and to promote interest in the History of Anglo-Portuguese relations.

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BHSP Branches

The British Historical Society currently has three branches in Portugal. Events organised by any of the centres are open to ALL members of the Society. Visit each of the links below for specific information like News and Events:

Battlefield Tours

Details of visits to Peninsular War Battlefields, tailored to meet specific interests, can be found under TOURS in the main menu.

Events in Anglo-Portuguese Relations


D. Pedro de Sousa Holstein (1781-1850) 1st Duke of Palmela was Portuguese envoy to the Court of St. James 1812-1817, 1825-1828 and 1838-1841. An able and important diplomat he represented Portugal in the Congress of Viena. He was active in politics for the constitutional cause during the liberal wars (1828-1834) and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister. He was a friend of the Prince Regent and was invited to Brighton Pavillion. He was also a friend of Beckford and was present at the coronation of Queen Victoria in 1838.


Anglo-Portuguese peace and commercial treaty with England. English free to trade on the coast of Africa and S. Tomé, mainly slaves.